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Becoming a mother is a journey. Our bodies and lives change to accommodate a new life. My offerings are centred on creating a community around you as you grow through this transformation.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that mobilises muscles and joints to increase comfort and relaxation during pregnancy, suitable for women starting the 13th week of pregnancy

About My Experience with Prenatal Yoga

Yoga provided me a lot of relief during my three pregnancies. Every pregnancy and baby is different. I have had large babies (3.7kg, 3.3kg and 3.9kg for my 52kg frame) and long pregnancies (43-44 weeks), which provided me with personal experience on alleviating general aches and pains.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

🧡 Increased relaxation, endurance and reflexibility
🧡 Reduce lower back and hip pressure
🧡 Reduce wrist and joint stiffness
🧡 Be part of a community of other expectant mothers
🧡 General tips for structuring your postpartum time from breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, to general nutritional information

Please get in contact with me about joining a Prenatal Group!

Postpartum/ Postnatal Yoga (Mama-Baby and Mama only classes)

The postpartum period, roughly the first 40 days – although it can be longer for some women, can pass in a daze as you get acquainted with your baby’s personality and learn to juggle your needs with the needs of those around you. Coming to yoga can me a welcomed time out away from the home to move your body in a gentle away with women going through the same situation. Do check with your doctor if you are not feeling well and have questions about starting physical exercise.

Mama-Baby Yoga

Please bring your baby with you! Sometimes it can be hard to find a sitter or you just want to have your baby with you at all time – you are both welcome here. You can rest and feed your baby as needed. Please bring a blanket for baby to lay on in between poses. If interested we can incorporate baby massage and children’s songs depending on the preferences of the class. Suitable for women starting at least 8 weeks postpartum and continuing until baby is able to crawl.

Postpartum Yoga

Alone time. You are taking this time to be on the mat by yourself with no one needing you for anything – a time out. Gentle yoga sequences to rebuild the pelvic floor, reduce tension in neck and shoulders and feel refreshed. Suitable starting at least 8 weeks postpartum.

Benefits of Postpartum Yoga

🧡 Self-care for body and mind
🧡 Social outing – meet Mamas for future playdates
🧡 Strengthen muscles and joints Increased relaxation and calm

Please get in contact with me about joining a Postpartum Group!

Family Yoga

“Take the kids to yoga with you” is the theme of this class. Often taught outside where kids can play at the playground, sit on a blanket and have a snack or play toys or if they want – even do some yoga with us! Finding a sitter can be expensive and commutes long. As a homeschooling mother of three – I invite you just to bring your kids with you! Please note that you will need to keep an eye on your children and that no babysitting services are provided.

Benefits of Family Yoga

🧡 Children welcome and participation optional
🧡 Practice Yoga with other Moms, connect for future meet-ups
🧡 Be outside, be active as a family
🧡 Fun, loud, doable poses for all

Please get in contact with me about joining a Family Yoga Group!

My Training

🎓 Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Germany with Susanne von Somm (Ausbilung: Schwangeryoga)
🎓 Yoga All Around Childbirth in Germany with Susanne von Somm (Ausbilung: Yoga rund um die Geburt)
🎓 Birth Transformed: Childbirth Preparation and Empowerment Course, by author and doula Bailey Gaddis
🎓 Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers, by Dr. Erin Bowe (PhD Clinical Psychology)
🎓 Postpartum Doula Training, Newborn Mothers Collective with Julia Jones

Teaching – General Experience

🍎 I have taught prenatal and postnatal yoga throughout Southern Germany in German and English
🍎 Recovered from both surgical (cesarean) and natural births (VBAC)
🍎 Over 6 years of breastfeeding experience
🍎 Virtual doula support for international non-binary clients