Intuition and Psychic Power

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend an all day workshop for the first time in years. I had no idea what the topic was going to be (Intuition) but the facilitator came highly recommended.

At this point in my journey, I no longer attend workshops expecting to learn anything new – having started my spiritual journey at 12 with my first deck of tarot cards, crystals, essentials and trying to make sense of the horrible nightmares and presences I felt around me…I have been meditating, reading and searching for answers for nearly 30 years. My past few experiences with teachers and expensive trainings have been a waste of time and money. It is for this reason now, that when I look for a course or workshop that I only look at the humanness of the person leading it. Camilla is a “good human.”

In this post, would like to offer more accurate information on the topic of Intuition and the difference between Psychic Skills or Powers, as she use them interchangeably – and they most definitely are not. Regardless of my knit-picking, she is a wonderful human and I hope to continue to learn more about being a wonderful human from her 💗.

Jumping in:

🪷Intuition vs. Psychic Powers

Intuition is an awareness – it is not knowingness or insight – it is the feeling you get that says “I should leave now,” “Wait, where’s <my bag, this person, etc.>,” “Hmm, I haven’t spoken to x in years, I should call them,” and so on. It is also an inner compass that gives you direction but does not explain why- “I should do this, I don’t know why, but I am being called to go here, do that, speak to this person, quit this, etc.” Usually this is followed up by someone questioning you, “But why? We just got here! What do you mean we should leave?!” “What are you talking about ‘take a sabbatical and go to South America/ India/ Avalon’?! Do you even know anyone there? We don’t have the budget for that! I would support you if I understood you but at this point you haven’t convinced me.”

Both parts of that experience are important – being aware of the niggle/ the push and then validating yourself, “I don’t know why I need to do this, but I will, and I will know later why it was important.” Every time you feel a call and ignore it, you allow your conscious mind to shoot down your senses of awareness (gut, heart, bones, womb, soul). You are giving the spiritual self the signal to shut up because it is not ‘feasible, logical, or reasonable.” This is why many depressed people feel numb inside, they have lost connection to their inner compass, they have not followed it for so long that it has gone dormant.

To cultivate intuition, you must follow it. Do as you feel called to do and trust that there is a reason for it. Keep in mind that the consequences at first may look bad (taking the sabbatical even though your boss or spouse does not approve and you find yourself fired or getting divorced, for example), but then after the shift has happened and the dust settles, the new chapter of you life starts to take shape and everything you went through makes sense.

Intuition is NOT the same as a psychic powers or abilities. These are forms of knowing, where you are able to glean factual information from simply thinking about a person, object or situation. These are skills that some people are born with, but more often are cultivated through spiritual practices. The Raja Yoga Sutras by Patanjali has entire sections on these powers or “Siddhis.” When someone asks you why you need to do something you will have the answer ready because you will have seen, heard or physically felt what will happen. “I felt/ I saw/ I heard… that I am supposed to meet a woman in red in front of a temple – I looked up the images online and found that it is in Peru and looks like this (photo) and I need to go soon.” “I have to leave because this is a violent person who will physically harm me if I do not leave now.” “This necklace belonged to your husband’s grandmother and was given to his mother as a wedding gift.”

These are skills that can be cultivated with various forms of meditation/ concentration. There is psychic seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling/sensing, smelling (Example: Visiting a house that was has passed through generations “It smells like roses here.” “My Nana used to always smell of rose water.”). Regardless of the extraordinary sense used, the image or message it creates in the field of knowing will be the same.

🪷 Further Tools

There are also tools you can use to help interpret what your messages that you have received through intuition – like pendulums, tarot/ oracle cards, runes, tea leaf reading, smoke reading, scrying…just loads. They are about translating the energies around you that you may or may not be aware of. You can use these tools to enhance what you know through your psychic powers for example, “When? Where? How many? By what means? Who?” Those tools can help you flesh out more of your plan towards following your inner guidance.

🪷 Spirits & Protection

Something you should be aware of is that the space around you is not a vacuum. At all times there are forms of energetic consciousness in between, on and a part of all manifested forms. When you start to tune into energies – you start to be more present to these “beings” as well. You may start to feel the presence of pleasant and not so pleasant forms crowd your space.

Some people suggest the “bubble” method of protecting yourself. Depending on how strong the person, entity or spirit is, it may work for a while but I have found it exhausting and not very effective. Again, if you look into the Raja Yoga Sutras, you will find them mentioning other powers as well – the ability to become huge or very small. Better than a “shield” or trying to push things away, you can change your energetic density so that you either cannot be perceived, or that you are so overwhelmingly bright that whatever is there need retreat. I created versions of these meditations for myself and they very effective.

The last and most powerful way to clear and protect your space is Sanskrit mantra. I have felt entire rooms light up, become more spacious and clear. There are mantras that are so powerful that they quickly remove even the biggest darknesses. Also a note here: If you come from a country, tradition or language that has its own prayers and mantras, they will work best for you. Those words, sounds and rhythms run in your ancestral bloodline in the form of vibrations. When you sing the words that have been sung for hundreds or thousands of years in the land where you blood and bones come from, it holds more power than anything else.


Generally, we do not want to touch sacred objects that belong to someone else – firstly it can feel as invasive and secondly, we can assume that they have spent a long time charging/ putting meditative energy and intention into these objects and it is inappropriate for us to then “contaminate” these objects with uncentered energy by touching them without permission.

It is for this reason that I do not let anyone touch my crystals, bell, or tarot cards – although I do share my Oracle Cards with my women in circle.

My Classes and Coaching:

Should you want to learn more about any of these topics, I do offer classes for increasing intuition, meditation & mantra chanting, spirits and entities, spiritual protection, the use of spiritual tools, yogic scriptures and Personalize Spiritual Life Coaching.

🪷 As always find me on IG @susan.mcginney for current workshops and class and do please make requests if you would like to host a workshop for you team or studio. 🪷

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