Yoga & Mantra

Life is a Garden

I love to image life being a journey through a huge garden.
There is magic and beauty everywhere, but also dark and scary places.
We need to acknowledge, value and integrate whatever we come across.
We are powerful healers, capable of miraculous transformations.
I invite you to grow.

Yoga & Life Coach

1:1 Sessions

Coaching is a wonderful way to get unstuck and get inspiration for living a more purpose filled life.

I am a firm believer in taking small, manageable steps, regularly.  Lasting change happens gradually.  

The science of habit formation and addiction studies have really impacted me, especially the works of James Clear, Charles Duhigg, Angela Duckworth, and  Hal Elrod. 

You are what you regularly do – whatever it is that you want to bring into the world, I am happy to keep you accountable to yourself and assist you in designing a transformation journey that suits your schedule and needs.

Mantra – sometimes we do not know exactly what is off in our lives, but we feel a niggle that something needs to change.

Mantra Meditation has been a game changer for me – as an over thinker, over reader, over learner…  My brain just does not turn off.  Mantra meditation forces the chatter to stop.  This gives your mind a rest and in the stillness we are better able to receive inner guidance.

There are many spiritual benefits to chanting, which I am happy to share with you.  I believe that when you are lost or feel stuck, the first thing you should do is start chanting!

2hr Intro Session – $350 – In this comprehensive intake session we will outline where you are, where you want to be and will offer spiritual and practical rituals to be implemented over the next 30 days with weekly check-ins (4) of 15mins.  This gives you enough time to see if what I am offering resonates and works for you before committing to a longer term engagement.

3 month Coaching Program – $1,500.  Includes participation in my ongoing classes and meditations throughout those 90 days, as well as a well as personalise projects, prompts and practices on a monthly basis with check-ins every 2 weeks. 


Yoga.  My 1:1 sessions are trauma informed and usually seek to address self-confidence and mind-body connection issues.  After an initial check-in I will design a custom class for you with breathwork, mantra and poses.

The goal is to feel at home in your body, to believe in your body, and feel empowered to set boundaries – in all areas of your life – by learning to feel into your body’s feedback and acting accordingly. $120 / 75min

All services available in English and German


Move your body with intention

Your body is your temple and vehicle

Postnatal Yoga

Is made up of gentle restorative exercises to get the body moving and stretching in a group setting with other new mothers. Recommended starting frame is between 6 and 8 weeks postpartum depending on how you feel and style of delivery. Depending on the location and desire of the group, babies can definitely come along and sleep, nurse, and lay on a blanket next to you :).

Duration: 60min.

Creative Hatha Yoga

I teach in the tradition of Swami Sivananda, which has an extensive breathwork, relaxation, a 12 pose sequence, and mantra chanting.

There is rich variation in poses, chants and meditations which makes this class so unique. Duration: $30 /90min

Mantra Sadhana

Every 40 Days we start a new Japa Mala Sadhana. It is said that it takes 40 continuous days of chanting for the power of a mantra to manifest.

In this 40 Challenge, if you will, we chant to a single mantra 108 times with mudras. 
$40 /40days

Kirtan & Mythology

As a lover of fairytales, linguistics and music, it is a special pleasure of mine to share the stories behind the kirtans (Sanskrit songs of praise).
These sessions are accompanied by the harmonium. $30 /60min

Yoga Nidra & Guided Relaxation

This is an online 30min evening session for you to unwind in the evening. All you need is a quiet place to lay down or sit and listen to the soothing practice.
$10/ 30min via Zoom

Terms & Conditions

To be outlined soon!!