July – The Rest of 2022

I think we are all a bit shell shocked actually. The pandemic with all its lockdowns and restrictions was and very much still is for many of us, a stifling way of life. War, inflation and the call to return to the office brings with it the old commutes and sacrifice of family time, as well as the added expense of fuel – especially for Americans… Seeing reproductive rights being stripped away in America just last week was another soul crushing affair.

With all this hardship going on – and many of us here in Singapore exempt from it, it becomes difficult to see what we can do to help, especially since we are also tired, drained and trying to find fulfilling things to do with our time.

Last month, I decided one thing I could do is help plant trees. I may not be able to travel freely or have land of my own, but I can help other people plant trees. Joining TreeSisters and becoming a Grove Host is both exciting – because I love trees and am happy to host creative events to nourish women, but it is also scary because the limits in technical skill, communication and business savvy become quickly apparent in every single charity organization for which I have volunteered.             

After dealing with so many unorganised hippies over the years, I decided to just trust and go for it. I will not hold off doing anything because the organization is not perfect. If they, any social benefiting program, manages to do good work – work that I cannot do or offer myself (!!! We need our volunteers out there!!), then then we should consider ourselves blessed.  And with that, every month, starting this month,  I contribute $25 towards growing trees in various countries through TreeSisters as a symbol of support from our Singapore Grove.

The other day I was having a thought about people in general and how everyone says they were Napoleon or Cleopatra or some other significant figure in a past life.  I started wondering what the life purpose of those people who are not big celebrity world changers is or could be.  My verdict is that it is every soul’s purpose to be a vessel of joy.  If we could treat ourselves, work at jobs, be with people, be out in nature in a way that make us happy, what would that life look like?
What if we lived from the premise that life is supposed to be joyful?  Which products, businesses, employers, laws and regulations would need to change.  What if you are equally involved in your own joy and that of others?  I think that being a vessel of joy is something that we all can do while standing up for what is right, while not having all the answers, while not having enough resources.  Times may be very funky right now, but I was born to be joyful and so was everyone and everything in nature. Sometimes we just need a little internal cheer (after those long times of disappointment and despair).  “I am celebrating today, because I making changes and tiny differences everywhere I go.” And so it is.

There is a wonderful phrase “to walk in beauty”.  Right now, it just feels like wading through endless oddities – there is monkey virus now?!  There are a lot of bizarre things going on at the moment, and I guess it’s more of a feeling of carrying light and joy within me. I think a deep part of me knows that those two things can change the world (along with an iron will and charismatic extrovert personality, buahaha!)

How can we help the people who are trying to fix what is wrong with our systems?  Even if they aren’t perfect, they are what we have – who are they, where are they and how can you give support?  When enough ambitious and power people come to their aid, that’s when the shift will come.  Start now, start small, keep going and learning – Let joy be at the centre of your who, how, what, and why.

Much love,


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