Creative Wellness -July 2022

Welcome to my monthly Creative Wellness Program!! Every month I put together a list of classes, artists, and projects to follow along with that help me stay expand my creativity, skill and calm!!! Having a motivated, feisty personality, I require a lot of movement, beauty and crafting. Here is my quick guide for the month July! Do get in touch if you want collaborate! You can also find me on IG @susan.mcginney for yoga, mythology and mantra or @themoongardencrochet for all my crochet related projects!

Aromatherapy & Bodywork

 We have dug my massage table out from storage, that back room behind the kitchen, and my boys have been asking for massages!   Sadly, I overdid it with a crochet project and my wrist and forearm are still tweaked out two weeks later :(. So I will be giving myself more self-care massages. If you are new to massage or aromatherapy…
Mark Peren-Jones teaches aromatherapy and massage & offers a really nice FREE course on Udemy that you can signup for here: Intro to Aromatherapy Course for Natural Living.  I also just learned about his membership site which is something I am considering (Lomi Lomi Massage!) because I have purchased and enjoyed some of his other classes.  You can have a look at that here: Mark Peren-Jones Membership Site.

Andrea Butje Aromahead Institute Another lovely person in the Aromatherapy world is Andrea Butje.  I have been following them for years and it looks like they only have one FREE course (I took 3 FREE courses with them when they started out).  Access the course here:  How to Blend Essential Oils

Fitness & Movement

An Aha for me, a Duh for most people.  There are fitness communities.  Yeah, I know, amazing. With a lot of what I do, painting, writing, crocheting, reading… I am very sedentary.  My husband has accused me of having old lady hobbies.  The only issue I have with my hobbies is that the people in those circles do not want to do yoga, go for jog or swing weights.  I also do not like cats or eat cake (zero sweet tooth).  So I was struggling and annoyed and frustrated – with myself and situation.  Welcome fitness.

Bulgarian Bag – I just love this thing. I have a very outgoing, aggressive personality and swinging that soft heavy weight gets all the stress and frustration out of me.  I just ordered a lighter weight so that I can offer classes – contact me if you are interested in joining.  There are very limited resources on YouTube and I have found the workouts just lacking – thus the decision to teach what I like.

Caroline Girvan – She is a petite, buff fitness trainer who offers a few multi-week Fitness Challenges on YouTube and I love her music choices.  I will be moseying my way through the 6 Week, 30 Workouts FUEL Program available for FREE.  You do need to have some hand held weights and elastic band.


I purchased a Yoga Class through Udemy with Heather Lenz.  They are short 10min classes with affirmations that are quick to do if you are really not in the mood but know you should….

Yoginis on YouTube I practice with:  Kassandra Rheinhard, Leslie Fightmaster, Mady Morrison
Forrest Yoga – I also subscribe to Ana Forrest’s Yoga Channel ($26/ month) and am making my way through the workshops.  I plan to become a “Forrest Inspired” Yoga Teacher.


Pranayama – Yogic Breathwork
I’ve recently taken up pranayama again and practice with the Yoga Vidya Pranayama Podcast in German but they do have an English Channel as well.  I aim for 30-40min every day (Kapalabhati & Nadi Shodhana with Bandhas and other exercises thrown in).  Another thing I can teach if interested.


Mixed Media (Free Classes)

Jane Davenport has a Mermaids in the Rainbow Ocean available on her site!

Tamara LaPorte at Willowing offers a Free Class when you sign up for her newsletter and offers many tutorials on YouTube and organises multi-artist events.  Definitely with checking out.  Her Kaleidoscope Taster Week is running for a few more days, for example.

Art is Magic is running a FREE mixed media Creative Retreat Weekend online.  Next weekend Jul. 9th & 10th



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